Touch Pad



The Scorpion Touch-Pad is to demonstrate functions of eKT5705, capacitive Touch Button Controller IC. This Touch button IC is for Water Proof, maximum 48-key, and Slider solutions for touch button application.

In this module, touch pads are 16 only for demonstration and need to be customized for commercial use.

Module Description


Example of Actual Touch Button Application

Touch Button IC Specification

  • Part name: eKTF5705
  • Operating Voltage: 2.8 ~ 3.6V
  • Sensing type: Capacitive Sensing
  • Number of Buttons: Max 48
  • Support Slider feature with 2/4/8 buttons, Maximum 3 levels resolution
  • Water proof: Max 16 touch buttons
  • Interface: Standard I2C mode @ 100 Kbps, Fast I2C mode @ 400 Kbps
  • Low Standby Power Consumption
    • Normal: 3.5mA @3.3V
    • Low Power: < 300uA
    • Sleep mode: < 4uA